Sunday, 23 January 2011

Stealing Time by Elisa Page

5 out of 5 stars

The blurb:

"It wasn't that she wanted to live forever. She just didn't want to die.

When artist James Wesley realizes Evie Reed is dying, he is so moved by the beautiful reporter's determination to live that he makes her immortal—a vampire, like him. She's the woman he's been waiting over 150 years for. Though initially shocked by the change, Evie quickly embraces her second chance at life, and love.

Just as James and Evie begin to define eternity together, a zealot breaks an ancient treaty, threatening a peace between humans and vampires that has stood for a thousand years. And when he focuses his hatred on Evie, the immortal lovers find themselves swept up in a deadly supernatural war..."

This is a fast paced urban fantasy that kept me gripped throughout. I found myself thrust into Evies world from the first sentence and was hurtled along at incredible speed as she struggles with terminal illness and is changed into a vampire- escaping death. The pace was a little disconcerting at first but I soon adjusted.

I liked the way that the author describes Evies change from human to vampire but I thought that she accepts that she is a vampire perhaps a bit too quickly. The vampire mythology isn't exactly groundbreaking, but is consistent and believable. One interesting element is Evie's development of a special ability after a freak accident and is something I hope is developed further over the series.

The romance between Evie and her maker James is a very large part of the book and they are very strongly connected. The attraction between them is obvious from the very beginning of the book and soon develops to the point where they can't bear to be apart. Despite this I found the romance between them sweet and endearing and not overbearing or forced.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It has similarities to other vampire novels that are popular at the moment and doesn't really break new ground. it's just a well written, entertaining urban fantasy with a cliffhanger ending that will make you impatient for the release of the second book.

Source- I received an ARC via netgalley.