Sunday, 13 February 2011

Review of Maelstrom by Elisa Paige

4/5 stars

This is the prequel to Shadowplay. And being mildly pedantic I read them in the intended order- Shadowplay and then Maelstrom. I enjoyed both immensely but I do think I would have enjoyed them even more had I read Maelstrom first.

Amalie is a Light Fae exile suffering from amnesia and living on a ranch in small town Fundy, Texas. Her past starts to catch up with her - starting with her boyfriend Nick who she literally disappeared on years ago- and soon it's not just hunky boyfriends knocking on the door! Psychotic brothers, creepy distant relatives and a whole lot of trouble! As the memories come flooding back though, so does her inherent power which makes Amalie a kick ass heroine.

The romance between Amalie and Nick is sweet and well written, and the theme of friendship and loyalty is strong throughout the book.

The book ends right where Shadowplay kicks off, so the flow of the story over the 2 books is seamless.

This is the third book of Elisa Paige's I have read, and I have loved all 3. The writing is good, the world building is excellent and the characters are believable. Another triumph for Ms Paige!

Source- I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review


Ani Raye said...

Wow, great! I like Elisa Page too...this one looks great!
Added your blog to my link list btw...saw a post on Book Blogs about that :)

Lisa said...

Ani- so nice to see another fan- she's quite new but an excellent author!

Thanks- I will stop by your blog and take a look!

Elisa Paige said...

Thank you for the lovely review. I know there are a ton of talented writers to choose from and I appreciate your giving a new author a read. Many thanks!

Warmest regards,

Elisa Paige