Sunday, 19 December 2010

Audiobook Review of Need by Carrie Jones

I have just finished listening to my first audiobook, Need by Carrie Jones. I'm not sure what to make of the experience to be honest.

At first it was very strange, especially as the reader has an American accent. The book is set in America so this makes sense, but the 'voice in my head' when I'm reading never has an American accent (well, except when I read Sookie Stackhouse but that's another story....)

That threw me at first. As did the fact that I can't re-read a page. Rewinding isn't quite the same. It was also difficult to stay focused as my eyes were free to wander and closing them made me fall asleep. Although that could have been the book rather than the format.

Then there was the fact that I was just disappointed in the story itself. Zara is quite frankly, annoying. It takes her friends only a couple of hours to decide that the strange occurrences happening around them are caused by pixies. And Zara is being stalked by the pixie king.

Then Zara just can't make up her mind. She believes in pixies. Then she doesn't. Then she does. Then she doesn't. Aaarrrrgh make your damn mind up.

She can't believe that her boyfriend Nick is a werewolf. But she thought for a while he might be a pixie. Right, so pixies are ok but you struggle with weres? This annoyed me even more because every time we see Nick there have been more and more clues. His eyes are 'wild' and 'feral', there are clumps of fur in his car. These are just a couple of the 'hints'. Yep- subtle as a brick Ms Jones.

Some of her classmates turn out to be pixies. No real explanation is given as to why pixies would choose to attend high school for several years for no real reason.

There are more exciting parts to the story like when we finally get to meet the elusive pixie king, but overall, the story was confusing in places and transparent in others.

Need is part of a series, but I will be unlikely to carry on with it.

As for audiobooks, I am still undecided. Perhaps I will try an author I know I love like Kelley Armstong.

Rating 2 out of 5 stars

Source- This Audiobook was purchased by me