Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Lord Of The Vampires- Gena Showalter

Lord of the Vampires (Harlequin Nocturne)

4 out of 5 stars.

This is the first in a new series by 4 different paranormal romance authors. This one is by Gena Showalter, and is the first Gena Showalter book I have read. I must say it is unlikely to be my last! Full of original ideas and steamy scenes, this has everything you need in a paranormal romance.

This book centres around Nicolai, who is a vampire being held as a sex slave and Jane, a human scientist who finds herself magically transported into Nicolai's world. Which is handy for her, because he's her predestined soulmate! Not so handy for Nicolai who finds himself unable to carry out his original plans to escape slavery due to his complicated emotions for Jane.

Nicolai is a real alpha male, which makes for some great action scenes of both the steamy and the non steamy variety. Jane is strong, intelligent and feisty; the kind of heroine you can really get to like.

The world building was excellent, and the alternating POV's added interest and allowed a connection with both of the main characters. Along with the romantic elements of the book there is a great balance of action and humour and the pace of the book is perfect.

This is a good, fast read that will definitely leave you wanting more.